2. A date to remember…

15 Mar

What’s with people and dates? I have two friends, one of each gender, who have this thing about remembering almost anything to do with dates. She rings me for my wedding anniversary. Come on. Who remembers old schools friends wedding anniversaries? He remembers a photo from over 15 years ago and can name the place, event and possible date. What the? Are they weird? Or is it me? Am I that selfish that I can’t even remember my own family’s birthday? Oh my God! Epiphany… I’m selfish. Seriously? Bugger. So dates aren’t my thing? Ask me to remember page after page of dialogue from a script and I can do it with my eyes closed in under an hour. Weird huh? Ask me to remember what we had for dinner last night? Wait for it…. it’s coming… hang on a minute…. almost there. Blank. I’m sure it was good though. Ask me my most prominent childhood memory. Don’t know, my brain obviously wasn’t there because I remember nada. Zip. Any childhood memory I do have is from a photo. I think about the photo and then re-create in my mind’s eye what happened. Easy stuff. But the real thing? It just daint come natural to me. So I ask you again, am I weird? Here it is in a nutshell: I remember lines no sweat, I don’t remember my childhood, what I had for dinner last night and definitely no one’s wedding anniversaries. To those of you who have better stats then me… Congratulations! What’s your trick? Do share. I’d like to be considered somewhat a semi-decent friend and remember their birthday’s. That leads me to one more point. What’s wrong with blurting out your birthday to the world? Why is it not cool to say, “Hey it’s my birthday next week. Just so you know.” I don’t care if you don’t care but I care that I share it with the world. That’s all that matters to me. My birthday goes for two weeks straight. A week before and a week after. It’s only fair that I get to celebrate it in fortnightly style. I highly recommend you try this. Oh and don’t forget to celebrate your loved ones birthday’s for two weeks too. Again, it seems only fair. Now where’d I put my keys? I know they’re here somewhere. Probably in a safe spot. That’s what we women do. Create safe spots. But that’s a whole other topic!

BTW: it just came to me. We had chilli crab last night. How could I forget?

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