3. Women who create safe spots: are you one of us?

16 Mar

Alright so here it is. What’s a safe spot? A place where (usually a woman) puts ‘things’. Things can be defined as almost anything. E.g.: hubby’s important papers, masking tape, cheese, chips, scissors and the list goes on. You’ll notice there’s some perishable items in there. Obviously that’s a reference to the pantry and fridge. So here it is plain and simple. Men don’t know how to look for ‘things’ successfully, women do it so well we have to create safe spots to challenge us. Otherwise what’s the point? Many frustrations and arguments later the marriage starts to suffer because he can’t find the milk which is of course right in front of him. I’ve even reached the point where I threaten my father-in-law that “If I come over there and find it you’re in BIG trouble.” I’m yet to follow through with the BIG trouble bit. He’s my father-in-law! What’s a girl to do? So women, you’re not alone. It’s time to face up to the truth (see my other blog about An Inconvenient Truth) and admit that you (YES YOU) create safe spots. You probably create that many that you don’t even realised you just created 10 new safe spots in one day. Sheesh! That’s some serious safe spot creating. With the important papers, I find it interesting that I have no problem whatsoever locating any important paper of mine. I have a great filing system. But for some reason when it comes to filing for hubby my care factor tends to slip a bit and I don’t take much notice of what I just filed his life insurance details under. It seems obvious that it would go under ‘l’ for life, OR maybe ‘i’ for insurance, then there’s ‘c’ for comminsure the name of the insurer. But once I’ve searched those three letters for retrieval and still haven’t retrieved I’m starting to get worried. One of the other main problems of creating safe spots is that men aren’t forward thinkers (unless we’re talking about boating, camping, fishing – they have no problem doing research on the weather conditions in two weeks time!). So when my hubby needs me to activate the location of these safe spots, it’s an on-demand request. As in I NEED IT NOW basis. He doesn’t yell it at me, that would have zero effect. But it’s the whole point. He needs it now and he knows I’m notorious for creating safe spots. Far out brussell sprout! Give me time, lot’s of time, more time. I need time. Doesn’t he realise how many safe spots I have? I have hundreds (probable). It’s not easy maintaining that many safe spots. I’m an intense and complex individual… I’m female so it’s only natural that I have a complex system otherwise… back to one of my first points. Life would be boring without safe spots. So girls, take pride in your safe spot creativity. How many do you have? Enjoy them. If you need to spice up your marriage, create a safe spot. That’ll get things cranking. Happy safe spotting!

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One response to “3. Women who create safe spots: are you one of us?

  1. Ralph Tyrrell

    March 16, 2011 at 8:53 am

    Very funny, Evette.


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