6. Forget me, forget me not

17 Mar

Have you ever  noticed that some of your nearest and dearest repeat themselves? Of course you have. What do you do? Do you mention that you’ve heard the story before? OR Do you kindly listen to it one more time? Lately I’ve been taking the latter option. So I guess it depends on how near and dear they are to you. For example, I’ll let my sister tell me this great story about how she got to say, “Yeah, that’s my sister who made that film.” I’ve heard this story three times now. I’m such a bad person. I love hearing kudos stories, particularly when they’re about me. So naturally I’m gonna let her tell me about this story as many times as she wants. But does it ever happen to you? Do you tell a story and then suddenly realise half way through that you might have already told this story? And if you’re getting strong feelings that this is the case, what do you do? Do you continue as though nothing’s happened? OR Do you fess up and say, “Hang on, I’ve told you this already, haven’t I?” Your nearest and dearest is determined how near and dear they are by their response. If their response is, “Yeah, but keep going” then they’re obviously super near and dear. So if the response is, “Yes.” Well… need I say more? I guess you can determine your nearest and dearest by process of elimination. Here’s a great test for you. How many times can you repeat a story to the same nearest and dearest? Why not test their boundaries? How many times is it going to take for them to finally snap and say, “Bloody hell, how many times do I have to listen to this story?” Naturally your reply is going to be, “I wondered how long it would take you to say that.” Be warned you may peeve them a little. But hey, they’re your nearest and dearest at the end of the day. If it’s a good story, and I mean GOOD, then I’ll force (let’s abbreviate them from now on) my N and D to listen regardless of the response. So I guess we’re heading into the territory of respect. Is it disrespectful to say, “I’ve heard that one before”? Oh well, back to my other blog of An Inconvenient Truth. We need to live by some semblance of the truth. Now I’m rambling. So let me finish up. Have you ever noticed that some of your nearest and dearest repeat themselves?

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