8. Is it possible to come up with the ultimate blog?

20 Mar

So there’s four of us sitting here around the computer wondering what the hell can I blog about? I put the question on the table. And still 10, 15, 20 minutes later they’re still trying to come up with a potential blog for me as I sit here madly typing about what to blog bout. SO here I am wondering what to blog about and here they are feeding me what to blog about. It turns out the ultimate blog is to blog about nothing. It’s al little Seinfeld but I’m a huge fan so it’s okay. I sit. I blog. I listen to the jibber jabber come out of my friends mouths. Is it wrong of me to mention that my three friends are all male? Yes. that’s right. Does this have any bearing on my blogging? Absolutely, It’s gender specific. It’s biased. But I’m okay with that. Gender, biased specific blogging. As I rant and ramble I have no idea what I’m blogging about. For the first time in my life am I finally getting in touch with the male species? Crap. Am I now in trouble for using such lowly tactics to understand, even attempt to understand the opposite sex? Hubby just said “I gave you heaps of ideas for what to blog about.” I”m like, that’s the point. I’m blogging about what to blog about. Now this is a deep conversation that could go on forever. So I won’t keep you. I look forward to my next blog.

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