7. More on freckle movies….

20 Mar

Lord of the Freckles, Return of the Freckles, The last Freckle, The Dark Freckle, Donnie Freckle, Pulp Freckle, Reservoir Freckles, Blues Freckles, Green Freckle, The Golden Freckle, Man With The Golden Freckle, The Freckle of Oz.

I just discovered my friend has more freckles than me. Ahh! What do I do? Do I acknowledge that she’s more freckly than me? Or do I say nice freckles, you obviously tan a lot?! So I guess she has more potential for body activities than me. Am I done with the freckle mania? I don’t know. My friends are saying to me, what’s with all the freckle talk? I really don’t know. It comes natural to me. Because it’s something all white peeps can relate to. Now I don’t want to head down the racist path but do black skinned people get freckles? Anyway, I shall move onto my next blog. It’s amazing what comes out of Sunday sessions!

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