Hi, I’m Evette Henderson. 1. Woman 2. Wife 3. Mother…  in that order and always an actor. I’m also a freedom writer. I’m making 365 attempts at funny free writes. Should I happen to be successful in making you smile, giggle, smirk, laugh so hard it hurts, please please let me know. Because then you’d be giving me a smile in return. I’ll be happy with just one success story. If it turns out I’m not so funny, I guarantee you my honesty. Downright pure truth. Hope you’re up for it.

Cheers, Evette Henderson

So, what’s a FREE WRITE?

A free write is writing (or typing) for a minimum 10 solid minutes straight. No pausing, no thinking, no editing, just writing. This is how we connect to what we really feel… our gut instinct, intuition. There are no boundaries, rules or protocols. It’s pure freedom. You don’t even have to have an interest in writing to be good at it.

A free write can be on absolutely any subject whatsoever. You can even start with a launch pad if you prefer: a few words to get you started.

Free writes are uplifting, inspiring, maybe even crude but you cannot dispute the basic truth of them. They’re downright honest. After a free write you may experience an “aha” moment, OR “wow” moment, OR “I have no idea where that came from” moment. That’s exciting. It’s progress.

If you practice a free write often enough you’ll develop a higher self-awareness. Awareness of yourself, others and your surroundings. This is where the real thrill is. Feeling then having the confidence and freedom to express it (hopefully without hurting others).

I love free writing so much I do it every day. So my blog is my unedited daily free writes.


WARNING: free writes become addictive as does freedom of expression.

If you’re looking for a way to find your voice, your real voice, then you’ve found it. Good luck!

Example launch pads:

Here’s a fun test. I’ve jotted down six example launch pads for you to start your first free write experience. I guarantee a thought will come to you in direct response to what you read below. BUT don’t read on until you are ready to write for at least 10 minutes. You must trust your instinct and go with your first, impulsive response.

1. “his eyelids were getting heavy…”
2. “for some bizarre reason…”
3. “why have they done this?…”
4. “how annoying?…”
5. “I reckon five minutes of this rocking and rolling and I…”
6. “I’ve never had so much room…”


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